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Unspoiled nature –
every day,
we work to protect
these precious landscapes

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    Solutions that promote sustainability – even for materials that are not so easy

  • Switzerland takes the whole subject of sustainable development extremely seriously. So much so that both sustainability and environmental protection have been incorporated into the country’s constitution. Collaborating with local inhabitants, public authorities, retailers, industrial businesses, commercial firms and customers from the healthcare sector, REMONDIS does everything in its power to promote and advance sustainable development.

  • Technological progress and sustainability go hand in hand. Which is why we are constantly working on developing new kinds of processing systems and recycling technology

  • REMONDIS specialises in handling a wide range of different recyclable and residual materials. Making the most of our in-depth expertise, we are able to offer our extensive portfolio of recycling and waste management services across the whole of Switzerland. What’s more, our operations are further strengthened by being part of the REMONDIS Group – one of the world’s leading recycling, service and water companies. It not only opens up a greater variety of business options, it also gives us that all-important competitive edge as we have access to its advanced technology.

REMONDIS Schweiz AG – environmentally friendly recycling and professional waste management

    • REMONDIS Schweiz is qualified to handle practically all types of waste

    • Thanks to its network of branches and associated companies, REMONDIS Schweiz is able to offer its services across the whole of the country. It primarily focuses on commercial and hazardous waste, healthcare waste and container services. REMONDIS Schweiz is among the country’s largest providers of hazardous waste services and leads the healthcare waste market. No matter whether it involves delivering a full package of waste management services or operating our recycling centres in Schaffhausen and Basel: we always stand out from the crowd thanks to our high levels of expertise and our extensive range of services. These strengths combined with our comprehensive logistics network, our modern recycling facilities and our pioneering technology ensure that we are always able to recover the highest possible quantities of recyclables for reuse and dispose of non-recyclable material using legally compliant and environmentally sound systems.

    What’s more, we have succeeded in establishing new, innovative services in Switzerland – such as our SafetyTruck for collecting hazardous waste, RESPRAY for recycling aerosol cans and RETRON, our special system for handling and storing lithium-ion batteries.
    Find out more at remondis-suisse.ch

REMEX Recycling AG – minerals recycling and remediation services in high demand

  • Helping to conserve natural resources with reliable services and top quality products

  • REMEX Recycling is well known for its excellent results when it comes to carrying out remediation work on old buildings or contaminated land, handling hazardous materials and recycling mineral waste. While it primarily serves construction firms, transport companies and industrial businesses, it also delivers its services to the local authorities and cantons. In many cases, REMEX has concluded exclusive service agreements with its customers, for example with the canton of Basel-Landschaft and with SBB, the country’s largest domestic transport firm and one of the biggest real estate companies. REMEX’s head office is situated in Basel where it also has facilities at the Rheinhafen port for temporarily storing materials. Contaminated substances are accepted here before being shipped to foreign treatment plants. This opens up new opportunities in Switzerland and increases the capacities available in the country. One special feature of REMEX’s operations is its asbestos treatment plant.

    Find more at remex.de

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